Why is Sex a Private Matter?

Tight Lipped

One evening while returning home from a job interview, I telephoned Priyam my college friend. I wanted her personal stories on sex for my blog. Priyam and I know each other for 15 years and we were roommates once. Together we have shared many meals, leisure walks, late night conversations, and endured many heartaches. I […]

White bra under a black blouse is not Faux Pas

Sometime back, I briefly dated a big shot corporate. The man had this way cool mannerism, language, and an eclectic knowledge of cuisines, culture and world. Such men attract me like a magnet. That evening inside his subcompact Ford Ikon, we mulled on which place to dine. He asked me for a choice and I […]

Men and Menstruation

Periods for the sheer reason of blood emerging from vagina, a sexual organ are considered as a source of shame, a cause of slam. Young girls are tutored not to bring it up in front of any male member, be it their father, brother, or a male acquaintance. These young girls grow up to become […]