Healing After Toxic Relationship Abuse- Online Workshop

Toxic Relationship Transformation

Love is a beautiful and universal feeling

As they say, love sweeps you off your feet. When you fall in love with someone, it is such a splendid experience. That person becomes the focus of your thoughts, your life, your dreams. You cannot wait to spend time with that special person.

Love at first sight… a tale of longing and lethal attraction.

Unforgettable date nights
Passionate sex
Plans of building a life together
Delicious conversations

The perfect beginning


But Then…

Things start falling like a pack of dominos

The person starts finding faults in you. You try your best to save it and change yourself. You are hell bent on saving this relationship. You literally make note of all their complaints and promise yourself that you will be the best partner. You are willing to wait and be patient. Even when the ‘love of your life’ leaves your life, you are heartbroken but your resolve is stronger than your broken heart.

You start walking on eggshells



The Person Left You.

Citing issues in you

You are shattered!!
You did everything to keep that person happy. You ignored your work, neglected your well-being, adjusted and yet the blame is on you. 


You are dealing with this double sword all alone!

  • Dealing with the hurt of heartbreak
  • Getting to terms with the statement that you are the problem

Does this story resonate with you?

If yes, you are a toxic relationship survivor like me.

Our Story

Pallavi Barnwal- Intimacy Coach, Trauma Healing Expert​

I have been in a series of toxic relationships spanning a decade with different men and as an intimacy coach, I regularly see clients whose self-worth has been damaged by narcissists and partners who drained them out.

A healthy relationship is where both the people commit to its sustenance and growth. But in an unhealthy relationship, the entire upkeep of the relationship is left on the shoulders of one person with the other person taking nil accountability of their share in the problems.

This might sound obvious but why is it so difficult to implement?

Why do we choose and continue to stay in relationships that do not serve our growth, our soul, our well-being?

It is Because of Trauma

Srishti Asthana- Practicing Psychologist Researcher, AIIMS, Delhi​

Trauma and Its Impact in Your Romantic Relationship

We are attracted to what is familiar. And sometimes familiar is unsafe. When you grow up in a home where your primary emotional needs are not met, then you adapt into a surviving self. As a grown-up you tend to get attracted to partners who are like your parents – emotionally unavailable.

And we don’t do this consciously. It’s just that the template for love relationship was created for us, when we were small, and we carried that template into our adult lives. And by the way, as I’m speaking this to you, think of your breathing.

How are you breathing right now when you hear these words? 


Trauma is the birthplace of transformation


I read this somewhere and it changed my life.

The vision that our scars can be the source of our deepest discoveries and strengths. It started with the awareness of the "pattern" of the role I am playing in choosing unhealthy partners. I had counseling, and then I read tons of books on toxic relationships, codependency, enrolled in a love addiction healing group, got professionally certified in trauma healing and it has been such a rewarding journey.

I created this course because I believe healing is the birthright of every person. We all deserve a life of dignity, love, and worth but owing to our past trauma we lose our connection with our inherent self-worth. And then from that place of emptiness, we attract damaged souls who further drain us.

This has to stop!

I invite you to my toxic relationship transformation workshop where I will be sharing guidance, practice, and insights on how to break the cycle of unhealthy love and reclaim our power to be in the driver's seat of life. To create a life of worthiness, love, and healthy belonging.

Yes, This is Possible

Healing after Toxic Relationship abuse Online Workshop Modules

Like a frog in hot water, it’s difficult to know in the beginning if a relationship is toxic. Most toxic relationships begin on a high note with lots of romance, sex, and wooing. Learning to recognize subtle toxic relationship red flags can help you recognize whether a relationship is good or not for you in the future.

Most of the toxic relationship survivors come from a dysfunctional childhood where they take up roles like a people pleaser, caregiver, martyr, These roles are essentially coping mechanisms/ beliefs that helped them survive the childhood but becomes limiting to your future growth. In this module we will revisit those unconscious beliefs “my needs do not matter” “if I ask something the person will leave” and shape-shift them to healthier, conscious beliefs that serve our well-being.

Boundaries are the gates of our emotional and physical safety, even with those we love. Boundaries are important for self-preservation and lack of them means loss of self. In toxic relationships, there is a lack of boundaries which means you get mistreated, your needs are neglected. Creating the boundaries that you need to keep yourself safe; recognizing why you struggle in their maintenance and fixing that, will help you choose a healthy partner who respects your needs and limits.

Most people enter and stay in a toxic relationship with a wounded self which further gets damaged due to emotional and other forms of abuse. Toxic relationships often results in people having a tailspin of fatigue and self-doubt.  In this module learn how to heal your childhood trauma and move towards your optimal adult self. Your optimal self has the resources, internal strength, clarity, for you to make sound decisions and get your needs met.

How do you choose your lovers? Love is complicated and people can often fake their selves. In this module you will learn how to use your intuition to discern between a fully aligned “YES,” and a not-sure-but-I’ll-do-it-anyway “maybe” that might feel good in the moment but can lead to later regret. You will learn why decision-making is hard and what mistakes you are making. I’ll also teach you how to check-in with yourself so you can say “yes” to partners who are likely to check all your boxes.

Get ready to find the peace and love within yourself

Take action today and let’s discuss  goals