The Art of Intimacy Workshop: Chennai

Hello Sensual Soul

Are you struggling with having intimacy with your partner? Do you feel like you’re participating in sex just because your partner wants it and then having a hard time feeling sexual desire? Maybe you’re struggling in your relationship and you want to feel close with your partner again?

Do you feel that everyone else has the best sex life, intimacy and relationship and you are the only one missing out on this.

If You answered YES! This program is for you.

Hi I am Pallavi

I am passionate about helping men and women prioritize pleasure, cultivate confidence, and experience REAL sexual satisfaction.

Let’s be real…

The default tools we’ve been given do not set us up for success in relationship and sex life. It is frustrating. And I can help.
What if I told you that you can have quality sex, intimate connection you desire?

This is absolutely possible for you.


Most people have learnt about sex from porn, sleazy magazines, cheesy romance novels, and friendly gossip and that is what their sex life is limited to. But this sex life soon becomes monotonous (the same old script of foreplay-intercourse-orgasm) and this is where marriages/ relationships turn sexless or sexually boring.


Pleasure that is not just experienced in the bedroom but in every aspect of your life. When you fill your life with pleasure, it transforms your living and your intimate relationship.

In the Art of Intimacy Workshop you’ll:

  • Get insights, practices, and professional guidance in reaching and exceeding your pleasure potential
  • Experience ways to become sexually confident and reach your fully turned on sexual expression.
  • Explore sensory resources to release taboos, pleasure blocks, and awaken your body so you can experience love, life and pleasure in a completely new way!
  • A safe and private space for you to engage in heartful soulful discussions around intimacy with likeminded people.
  • Mindset shifts to help you understand your pleasure pathways and how to clear what’s blocking them.
  • Learn practical embodiment tools to come home to your body, and finally feel great in your own skin.

Past Workshop Glimpses

The change you will experience after this program:

  • Have a sex life that makes you feel fulfilled as a human being
  • Manifest and cultivate an intimate relationship where you are seen, supported, and heard.
  • Communicate your sexual desires without shame. Release taboos and step into your sexual freedom
  • Gently heal sexual blocks, as you gently address underlying trauma, and embrace the joy of sexual empowerment
  • Live life with the kind of sexual confidence that most people only dream about.
  • Let go of the criticism around your body, and find more love and acceptance for your body… just as you are.


1.PLEASURE AS A DAILY PRACTICE- We will set personal intentions and define pleasure on your terms. You will get important information on your pleasure blueprint – how to explore and receive pleasure. We will get to the heart of what you truly want through guided practices and group discussion. You will leave knowing what gets in the way of accessing your desires and experience a lifetime of self-love with our pleasure toolbox.

2. LASTING LONGER – Learn how to control the flow of sexual energy of your body so you can ride the lovemaking wave with your partner instead of cumming and crashing?

3. WOMB HEALING AND BREAST AWAKENING – You will learn a guided tantra breast meditation practice to enliven and awaken sensation in this area and how to move through shame to embrace, expand, transform your pleasure potential in new and exciting ways.

4. MASTERING THE ART OF COMMUNICATION – Conflicts are inevitable in a relationship, and hence communication and understanding is the key but how? Most of us have not received communication education, but instead our communication styles create more blame, distance, and tension in the relationship. You will learn perspective shifts that will help you navigate conflicts and personality differences with your partner. You will learn how to express yourself without blaming the other person and how to have conscious communication.

5. EMOTION CLEARING EXERCISES – Lot of us have stuck emotions in our bodies because of unaddressed trauma and these stuck emotions block the flow of sexual energy. To experience ecstasy in your entire body from head to toe, you need to clear the blocks and you will learn these exercises to bring your physical body and emotional heart to calm whenever you experience a distressing emotion (sad, angry, fearful)


*Heart meditation – to soften, relax your body, and open the doors of self-compassion flowing from your heart
*The art of sexual confidence – get a free ebook with simple tips and techniques on how you can be sexually confident without shame
*Create your love temple – How to create a space with minimal investment that sets your mood up for ecstatic lovemaking

Psst… if you’re ready to open your heart, mind, and soul to intimate connection and pleasure you never thought is possible, sign up.
Your investment for a lifetime of intimate connection and sexual pleasure!