Anieka Sequeira


To create a safe environment for people of all kinds of backgrounds to explore their mental health in an accepting environment which promotes unconditional positive regard. In my practice I aim to enourage self awareness and hold that awareness is often the key to any kind of progress or change. I believe that it is only through awareness and a deep rooted understanding of the origins of an individual's problems that we can find solutions to them. As a therapist, I aim to be a facilitator in my client's journey, helping them carve a path to solving their problems on their own.

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Anieka Sequeira is a psychologist with a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Christ University, Bangalore. She’s worked with a range of clients between the ages of 13 to 70, dealing with various concerns such as depression, anxiety, low self esteem, relationship issues emotional and physical abuse related trauma. She uses a trauma informed, LGBTQ affirmative and sex positive approach in her practice. Anieka uses an eclectic approach, selecting a therapeutic school that best fits her client’s needs. However, she leans largely towards the use of dialectical behaviour therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, which allows clients to process both their emotions and thoughts. She believes that the key to change is an awareness and understanding of one’s problems and encourages clients to focus on the development of skills that enable this.

Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology

More than a year’s experience of working as a therapist independently as well as with other clinics and online mental health platforms.

Trauma, abuse, self esteem, anxiety, attachment, relationship issues, emotional coping