Free Resources

30 Days Erotic Play Challenge

30 Day SEX challenge has got tons of simple but powerful ideas for you and your partner to try in the bedroom together. The challenge activities are creative, playful, and will only take 10-20 minutes of your time.

All Day Foreplay

Foreplay is the heart of eroticism. It is erotic spark, erotic attitude, erotic charge. In this foreplay guide, you will learn the most effective techniques and strategies to step in the realm of pleasure and desire.

The Boundary Blueprint

In this guide, you will learn how to set healthy boundaries and attract an authentic relationship that honors you as much as the other person.

How To Fantasize

This bonus resource is your PASS to access the vast world of sexual possibilities. This guide helps you discover your erotic potential right in the privacy of your room by ‘unleashing your erotic imagination'.

Down There Talk Introduction And How to Get Started

Down There Talk Circle is a way for women to support each other around sex and relationships. Circle meetups are a place to share intimacy experiences, challenges, and desires. They offer a safe, compassionate place to be heard and inspired.


Reclaim Your Power By Doing The Shadow Work

The shadow self is a concept developed by psychologist Carl Jung. It is also known by many other terms - the id, the alter ego, and more. It refers to the sides of ourselves that we wish to hide - our negative, dark emotions and traits.