We empower you to access your pleasure potential so that life itself becomes an orgasmic experience!

Have you ever felt disconnected and numb, bored or curious about life and relationship?

Some problems people face in your intimate life is shame, performance anxiety, poor body image, low sexual confidence, loss of libido and finding your intimate life monotonous.

In this sensual education workshop, You’ll find new ways to experience your pleasure which will change the way you experience your body and sensuality forever!

Emotional Challenges

Sexual Challenges

It is natural for you to face these challenges?

Relationship skill is lacking in our education system
Sex is a taboo and pleasure is considered a sin

Sex is thought of just as an in-and-out motion of intercourse and deeper skills are lacking to experience the pleasure. Plus, modern relationships are evolving. We want a lifetime of romance and passion and are no longer content with a sexually bored, emotionally incompatible marriage.

Thus what worked for your parents will not work for you. 

This workshop will mythbust all notions that keep you limited in accessing pleasure and will leave you marvelling at what is possible for your pleasure potential. You’ll learn what tantra is and how you can use it to awaken your body, go deeper into your heart and experience love, life and pleasure in a radical new way! 

You Need this Workshop Because:

I get it, I see you and I also want to tell you:

The narrative that we all should just magically know how to navigate blocks in our relationships, sex life and intimacy is a total BS.

Your pleasure is your source of power and I want you to feel that.

To be loved also means sharing that sacred, pleasurable connection between our bodies with our partner to enjoy that juicy physical pleasure.

Human beings have skin receptors and that feel good when touched. See a baby cradled and loved by his mother with lot of physical touches – hugs, kisses, massages. Touch regulates the nervous system of a baby and ensures survival. Similarly adults also need a healthy dose of touch for their mental and physical well-being. 


# Sex is dirty, animalistic, and should not be talked about.

# Women who are “good girls” are not sexual and vice versa

# Sex is all about porn-ish intercourse – hard and fast fu&king

Sexual Shame

We are brought to up to see sex as a sin, a secret, a perversion. sex is a part of our mental and physical well-being and erotic energy resides inside all of us. But owing to social conditioning and taboos, we suppress our erotic sides, leading limited and inhibited lives.

These shallow misconceptions have done irreparable damage to us

Most people are disconnected from the essence of pleasure, how pleasure can be experienced even in the mundane of life, in a way pleasure becomes a part of our living and not a one time or occassional experience. How you can reach your sexual potential and start living as a sexually aware and empowered being.

  • Tap into your sexiness and your erotic persona and learn how you can experience sensuality and pleasure on a everyday basis, with anyone you want.

  • Heal past trauma and integrate traumatic triggers so they do not take the centerstage in your life rather a part of your awareness where you can handle them with love and attention

  • Fun filled practices – flirting, sensual movement, and many pleasure bonuses so you become the ‘god of the pleasure’ in your planet.

You will learn in relational context:

  • Conflict and repair – Understand the hidden reasons behind conflict and how to repair them after hurtful stuff is being said.

  • Attachment needs – Understand your and your partner’s triggers (blow up/ shut down) and how to work on managing those triggers.

  • Communication – How to navigate conversations where you feel you and your partner are from opposite planets. How to decrease misunderstandings and converse better.

  • Growth and Expansion – How to meet relationship ebbs and flows with curiosity and resilience.

The Art of Intimacy is a groundbreaking workshop to a new science-backed skillset— that will allow you to get past your old patterns and tap into your wiser, more collaborative and sexually aware self.


Interested in learning the secret of how to create everlasting joy, connection, and fulfillment amidst life’s setbacks?


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