Belly Dance Workshop - Unlock Your Orgasm

Did you know that in ancient times, women after their motherhood were recommended to do shake their hips to get back into the rhythm of life and feel energetic? Gradually this hip shaking became popular in the tribal community and evolved into the Belly Dance.

Yes, what we think of today as a professional dance form is in essence an ancient movement to help women reconnect with their sexuality, their sensuality, and their orgasmicness. In modern times, with women living sedentary work lives (coding all day in front of a laptop) and also being conditioned to walk in a certain way to conform to the “good girl” image, we are told to join our knees as that’s the proper way of sitting.

All of this has disconnected us from our bodies. Most women are numb – waist down because we have not really moved our hips in a sensual, free flowing way. And I am not talking about professional dance. That is the dance from the mind. I am talking about non-linear, free flow movement.

In this workshop, Pallavi Barnwal and Mohini Srishati Tantrika will guide you on the art of sensual movement, taking baby steps to unleash your sensuality and sexuality like a fountain within.