Chitkala Mulye

Relationship and Intimacy Coach

Client Consultations: 1500+

Experience: 5+ Years

About Chitkala

Chitkala Mulye is an NLP REBT, Therapeutic Art certified life, relationship & intimacy coach. She is the Founder of Chitkala’s Gateway to Happiness. She is a speaker, trainer, author, poet and screenplay writer screened at Cannes Film Festival France. Being an NLP, Chitkala uses storytelling as a means to transform lives and relationships. She helps people find happiness amidst imperfections in life with self transformation. 

With her hobbies like abstract painting and singing, Chitkala is inclined towards using sound and art as a means for therapeutic healing.



Therapeutic Art certified life, relationship and intimacy coach

To have a fulfilling intimate life with your partner, it’s very important to explore the art of self intimacy on multiple levels and then reinforce intimacy on sexual, physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual level with your partner. My mission is to help my clients on this journey.

Highly Recommended For

  • Intimacy coaching for couples
  • Sexual Wellness coaching
  • Resolving family politics

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