Sexy Marriage forever

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About Course

 am a sex coach, and…

I help couples have a fulfilling, juicy, and satisfying sex life forever.

a sex life that thrives against all the stressors, and unpredictabilities of life

This is an important part for you to know as a person in long-term relationship that passion fades after sometime in a relationship. 

The initial phase is what we call as HONEYMOON PHASE

*no responsibilities

*most of the time you both spend is leisure

*prioritising each other because of the newness 

But once we cross the HONEYMOON PHASE things change : For each one of us, our relationship, and our sex life.

*personality differences : you and your partner have different beliefs, preferences, dislikes, way of living etc.

*financial, career, job related and other stressors

*complications caused by in-laws

*if you are a parent – added TASK – tending to your kids

all of this affects your sex life drastically and your sex life hits rock bottom

Read Real Client Stories

“Lack of sexual desire in me and my partner feels deprived of sex. He’s been patient with me since the last 2.5 years. I am highly overworked and burnt out but Iâm now wondering if all of these are just mere reasons to not have intimacy. He’s almost in the verge of considering a divorce and that broke my heart because I know he loves me crazily but for him to think of divorce must have pushed him to such a bad place.”

I receive 100s of stories like this and I have directly counseled 100s of couples in sexless marriage and sexually disatisfying marriages and helped them find bliss in their bedroom.

Not many people know that,


But married sex is complicated…

We have been tricked into believing that sex is perfect, hot, and fast and does not require any efforts. 

But here is the naked truth: Great sex does not just happen!

Creating an emotionally connected and physically intimate sex life is a skill.

I am here to help you reclaim your lost physical intimacy in your marriage

About me

I am sex counselor with, 20+ certifications in professional sex therapy and half a decade of experience coaching 100s of couples to have amazing intimate relationship with their partner.

I have created this 2 day workshop to equip you with knowledge, skills, and tons of techniques so you can bring sexy back in your bedroom.

Here is the workshop overview:

Day 1: 

  • Learn what dampens sexual desire and overcome blocks
  • Sexual misinformation and how it affects you
  • The conflict between love energy and lust energy
  • Sex, stress, and nervous system
  • After the honeymoon how can I bring back the spark

Day 2

  • ABCs of sexual intimacy
  • Understand the Body mind route to loving sex
  • The principle of relaxed excitement
  • Romance and Desire | How to romance your partner
  • When a body meets a body
  • Hot and loving sex 
  • Expanding the umbrella of your lovemaking
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