Dating 101 : Learn How to Get Your Dream Partner

One partner may crave physical and sexual connection, while the other is disconnected. This can lead to a sense of detachment in the relationship, and eventually a strained romantic relationship as well. For some couples, a physical distance can be indicative of a deeper issue of a lack of intimacy or disconnect between partners. The underlying reasons can be from external factors to individual issues.Whatever the cause, reintroducing physical and sexual intimacy in a relationship can be an important task for many couples. With this course, learn about different approaches and tools that you and your partner can use to reignite the passion in your relationship!

This course is for you if

  • You are yearning to date and find love, but you have had no success to date.

  • You feel like a sad side character in your own life as you watch others go on romantic dates

  • You are feeling confused and disoriented after making countless swipes. Why are you not being swiped right?

  • You go on dates but see your potential partner either turn disinterested or give you cold vibes.

Pallavi Barnwal

(Intimacy Coach)

I, too, have been there!

In 2003, as a 19-year-old in my first year of college, I was shy, underconfident, and felt ugly inside and out. I internalized social myths as being too tall, too dusky, too quiet, and hence I will not get a date. I struggled for 12 long years, until slowly and gradually I amped up my game. I have ever since received ample attention, interest, and pursuit from eligible men, young men, and older men. Believe me, my experience and studies have taught me that dating is a skill that anybody can learn and excel in.

So you can and hence I have designed this course

This course will help you reset and reprogram your dating approach with guaranteed results. You will learn how to understand, decipher, and positively influence potential dating partners. I will help you systematically break down the limiting mind blocks and unlock your superpowers to create a clear path for the love you deserve. In this five-module structure, each module is dedicated to a unique and important issue you may face in your dating journey. Each of the given topics is explained thoroughly to help you gain expertise in that aspect of dating.

You have to no longer struggle to figure things out because now you have the option to work with a proven step-by-step online dating program that makes you the dating champ...

Here is a quick look into the course modules and their objectives

Module 1

The Self

Module 2

Openness To Experience

Module 3

First Contact

Module 4

4. Communication

Module 5

5. The Date

The sessions require you to be an active participant. We start from the fundamental parts of your personality and build you from the ground up. The modules are made available to you and can be used at your own pace, with no timelines or deadlines to hinder your progress. Upon completing all five modules and after doing the exercises and activities prescribed, you will have mastered the essential skills needed to succeed in the dating world. Sign up, break your shell, take control and find your love. I will see you in the first session. 

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