Dirty Talk Course

About The Course

Dirty talk is like the fuel to the fire of your arousal. It not only maintains your excitement in the bedroom but also enhances it. Adding dirty talk into your sex life is like adding a bit of spice into a bland dish. Dirty talk brings flavor and freshness into your sex life. It kills tedium and makes your sex life feel alive.

Benefits of Dirty Talking:

Talking dirty is great for your sex life in so many ways. It helps you: 

Sexy communication is all about tease, playfulness, and temptation. It helps you and your partner get turned on because sexy talking before the actual play builds anticipation and desire. Dirty talking is the ultimate art of seduction, meaning you can tease and please your partner at the same time.

Adding spice and playfulness through words help ease your partner in the bedroom and builds their arousal which is so essential for them to let go of their fears, mental blocks, be tuned in and in the moment

Dirty talk helps you have better sex because you tell your partner EXACTLY what you want. (Don’t even know what you like in bed? Dirty talk will help you uncover it!)

Explore new things because dirty talk is a low-risk way to change up your routine and bring more fun into the bedroom. (And you’re always 100% in control!)

Strengthen your connection because dirty talk infuses playfulness into the bedroom. Plus, nothing is sexier than telling your partner how good they make you feel and hearing those hot compliments murmured back!

I love the idea but how do I start?

I know this and I tell you, what you are experiencing is not uncommon. I have coached thousands of couples and helped them overcome their inhibitions and take up their sexiest avatar. Most of us have grown up in conservative communities, where sex word is taboo, and thus many people lack the confidence to engage in dirty talk, thus making their sex life monotonous and repetitive. 

Module 1

The first module of this course gives you a clear plan that acts as a troubleshooter. In this module, you will learn, in great clarity, about what is holding you back from talking dirty with your partner. We will look at all blockages of dirty talking to start solving them, one by one. You will also get a first look into the intricacies of dirty talk as a skill.

Module 2

The second module gives you small tasks to get you completely comfortable with the idea of dirty talking. We start with small tasks that are achievable in a short amount of time and get you accustomed to the art of practising. Here we learn the ins and outs of dirty talk affirmations and start using them correctly and effectively.

Module 3

The third module teaches you to lay the solid groundwork of dirty talking. This module lets you in on the dos and don’ts of dirty talking. It will give you an in-depth knowledge of the existing dirty talk styles and help you understand which style resonates with you and your partner. You will also receive the resources that will aid you further.

Module 4

The fourth module dissects the art of dirty talking into easily understandable bits. You will learn the core elements of dirty talking and how to use them correctly. More tasks will be given to you to completely strip away the awkwardness that may exist in your mind.

Module 5

The fifth module teaches you the intricacies of arousal. You will receive tasks that are a level higher, bringing you much closer to your goal of being a master dirty talker. You will get step-by-step instructions on advancing your dirty talking ability. The module also includes certain tips for beginners to help you prepare both mentally and physically.

Module 6

In the sixth module, you will use all that you learned previously with the tasks given to you. Step-by-step instructions will be given to you to master the skill of dirty talk. After the completion of the previous lessons, and with a little bit of effort when practicing, you will be ready to include dirty talking in your sex life like a pro.

Why Choose This Course?

Dirty talking hikes up your anticipation and helps you visualise your pleasure which keeps your mind thoroughly engaged in the present moment of shared intimacy. It elevates the level of comfort, openness, and communication you have with your partner. This course not only helps you learn dirty talking skills but also improves your overall confidence and communication in the bedroom. The course is designed to help even the shyest individuals overcome their anxiety. Dirty talking opens a whole new door of opportunities for your sex life and can push you out of any kind of sexual rut you may be in. It can and has changed lives for the better. Try it and find out for yourself!


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