Five Dimensions of Erotic Touch

The essence of sexuality is giving and receiving pleasure-oriented touching. It happens both inside and outside the bedroom. Touching is valued for itself and need not always lead to intercourse. Couples who want to maintain a vital sexual relationship would benefit greatly from the metaphor of touching consisting of “five gears” (dimensions).

·  Affectionate Touch

·  Sensual Touch

·  Playful Touch

·  Erotic Touch

·  Intercourse

In this core psychosexual skill exercise that focuses on the five gears of touch (based on a ten-point scale of pleasure/arousal), we will help you increase awareness of each partner’s preferences for these gears (dimensions) of touch. The majority of couples only use two gears- affection or intercourse. They fall into the trap of believing that sex=intercourse. This results in lower levels of both touch and intercourse.

Imagine! How much variety you can bring in your relationship by exploring these other kind of touches. This progressive sequence of touch is a boon for sexless marriages where you can take baby steps to bring back physical intimacy in your bedroom without added pressure and embarrassment.



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