Deep Into You

A storytelling game of intimacy cards

Our stories yearn to be a part of someone else’s stories, our stories are eager to unfold, and we build connections over these stories.

When was the last time you genuinely felt intimate with your partner beyond the nights of movie, eat, repeat? When was the last time you lent your heart and shoulder to a friend? When was the last time you saw a colleague’s eyes sparkle as he revealed his yet unearthed love for mountaineering? 

What if I told you, all you needed was to play your ‘Cards’ right to meet ‘Intimacy’ in a whole new way?  

Meet Deep Into You, a card game where intimacy is woven out of the stories shared. A deck of  Story Prompt Cards that you can befriend for:

Or like me, even use it to know yourself better. Who said self work could not be playful!

My most recent drawing of the cards prompted me with

When do you feel most attractive?

It took me a while, but the answer surprised me too:

I am Pallavi Barnwal, Founder of GetIntimacy and a Certified Intimacy Coach. I help you shake off the dust from your erstwhile rose-tinted glasses. Refresh your outlook on all things sex, pleasure, relationship, self image, wellness, pleasure and intimacy. And then you can choose whatever colour your best sexual self pleases!