Know Your Love Attachment Style

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The human attachment system is an inherent, biological, and natural process that determines how we relate to others. Although secure attachment is the ideal one, some people develop insecure attachment patterns as a coping mechanism to early life adversities.

People with anxious adaptation deal with a lot of anxiety about having their needs met in the relationship, and feeling secure in being loved or lovable. They are hypervigilant about relationship ups and downs and any hint of abandonment activates their attachment insecurities

 People with this attachment style have a tendency to keep intimacy at an arm’s length or to diminish the importance of relationships.

 This is the ideal attachment type. They are okay both in connection and on their own; they can think with flexibility, can perceive a range of possibilities, are comfortable with differences, and resolve conflicts without much drama.

However none of the attachment styles is set in stone and you can always work towards a secure attachment style.

In this assessment, you will learn about your attachment style which serves as a groundwork for making positive changes in how you relate to yourself, your partner, and others.

Note: Please fill the questions honestly to get an accurate result about your attachment type.  

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