Krishna Mira

Embodiment Coach

Client Consultations: 500+

Experience: 5+ Years

About Krishna

She focuses on taking a deep journey with the client focusing on inner child healing, understanding the shadow self, and empowering the clients to go beyond the repeated patterns and Triggers. She is an experienced Tantra coach and specialises in Couple Therapy, Sexual Healing, Self-Love Techniques, Chakra, Breath work, Shadow Work, Shamanic Work and Embodiment practices. This helps as both Traditional and Modern Approach is used in Healing.

After years as a Teacher and Social Worker, she discovered her calling to help individuals achieve fulfilment through Tantra work which is based on balance of Divine Masculine and Feminine. She took Osho Neo Sanyas and has devoted her life to Osho Meditation and Guidance to go towards joy and Libration. She now devotes herself to guiding others through one-on-one sessions and intimate workshops cantered on Tantra, Partner-work, Body Work, Inner Child Healing and Shadow Work practices.

Through her client-centered approach, Ma Krishna Mira focuses on understanding the root cause using scientific and shamanic as well as Tantra methods to help the client achieve freedom from stress and anxiety by empowering them with self-help tools which can be practiced with guidance at home. Her methodology stands out from traditional coaching methods using different modalities to empower you with positive reinforcement of Life force.

Education and Modalities Learnt

  • MA B.Ed
  • Sex and Couple Therapy
  • Diploma in Special Needs
  • Teachers Training
  • Tantra Massage

Statement from the Expert

Everything can be healed the moment you put focus and energy on it.

Highly Recommended For

Shadow Work, Couple Therapy, Tantra Techniques’, Womb Healing, Mirror Work, Massage Therapy, Trauma healing, moving past the pain of sexual assault, moving shame and guilt around sexuality, balancing masculine and feminine energies. Inner child healing. Loss in libido. Self Empowerment Techniques, learning to create boundaries. Sexual Healing.