This Online Self-Paced Course will help you get harder, longer-lasting, & more Consistent erection without using pills with nasty side-effects, numbing creams, supplements you have to subscribe for life, expensive doctor visits, or painful medical procedures*.

This is a tough topic, but we need to talk about it.

As a sexuality coach, I get hundreds of emails and dms everyday from men who are not able to get an erection or maintain it sufficient to have a satisfactory intercourse. It takes a toll on their self-esteem and relationship satisfaction.

Hundreds of men silently suffer from the erection problem and so do their partners. Intercourse is an important aspect of sexual pleasure and if the couple is not able to have an intercourse, it causes serious toll on their mental health and relationship satisfaction.

I see many extramarital affairs and divorces happening because of this because ultimately the female partner is tired of waiting and ventures out.

Ignoring this issue will cause more pain in ways you may not realize.

I once knew a guy who had ED right from the beginning. He had a partner but he couldn’t get hard at all, so he started taking viagra pills without her knowledge and kept it secret for 2 whole years…hating the fact he wasn’t being honest with his partner. Although he became dependent on the pills, they didn’t turn helpful in the long run and he started losing erections even with the pills.

Sex wasn’t a bonding experience to him – it was a task.

He hated the fact that he is hiding the pills from his partner and is being dishonest with her.

Eventually the relationship broke…

His partner got tired of not being able to have penetrative sex and so she left him.

That caused him immense heartache…

A beautiful relationship destroyed because of ED…

for the next 2-3 years he avoided sexual relationships because he felt worthless

Waiting will not help!

Men endure this pain thinking they’d get over it…

…but after working with hundreds of male clients men…I could see this pain is slowly crushing their self-worth from the inside.

Listen, I see your struggle, I hear your pain, and I assure you

…and that things can change positively for you.

How these men overcome their erection problem?

They realized the ONLY way to be free of their mental prison is to address the issue head on instead of sweeping it under the carpet, hoping no one will notice it and then they followed my all-natural & holistic 9 phase process designed get more consistent and reliable erections. All you need to do is watch the course videos, implement the steps, and repeat for 3 months.


Here is how my program is different and effective

Erection process has physical, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual components. Each of them has varying levels of impact on your erection. ED is not just about the blood flow but essentially a lack of “flow” in your life that translates into the blood flow…

…that might be physical obstruction, emotional flow, mental flow, or flow inside your relationships.

For example…

Erection problem is a complex problem, however

Most men have been taught to pop a pill and get on with it…

…but little blue pills don’t unlock your flow!

This is why pills don’t work for some men. And it’s also why healthy men with ZERO physical issues still have this problem.

Imagine… No more anxiety. No more disappointed partners. No more feeling like you’re less than a man. Just the ability to get & maintain erections reliably and consistently.

About Your Coach

I am a certified sexuality coach and an expert on human sexuality for over half a decade now. I have done in depth studies, done over 20+ certificate courses from accredited sex therapists and Tantra teachers and have countless counseling experience in addressing sexual and relationship issues of modern men.

Khushboo Nandan Bist
Khushboo Bisht is a certified sexuality coach and sex ed enthusiast. She specialises in men’s sexual wellness and coaches men to have better sexual function and become better lovers inside and out of the bedroom. She holds a sex ed certification from Modern Sex Therapy Institute US.

Course Module

Phase I : learn the fundamentals of erection and get started with exercises that tackle performance anxiety.

Phase II : learn to regulate your nervous system and stress using your body centered practices.

Phase III : get your body and brain on your side by working on your pelvic floor and crushing negative thoughts.

Phase IV : increase your sexual confidence by managing negative self-talk, using touch for better arousal, and building your anxiety management skills.

Phase V : explore the power of meditation and sensate focus for mastering performance anxiety

Phase VI : rev your sex drive and build your confidence that you can rely on your erections.

Phase VII : unlock fantasy to boost your arousal and build stronger, sexual bonds with your partner

Phase VIII : refresh your sex skills to make sexual encounters smooth and learn to mediate conflict like a pro

Phase IX : revise repeating exercises and improve your confidence in yourself as a man.

Sample Lessons in the Course

  • Strengthen your mind and not let external distractions affect your erection during lovemaking
  • Understand how being a good husband/nice guy can cause erection problem and the simple mindset shift to fix this
  • Get rid of porn to make your erections stronger, harder, and more reliable
  • Learn how negative self talk can severely affect your erection and what to say erection worries cloud you so you can have consistent erections
  • Do one powerful kegel lesson that can boost your erection in a week
  • Learn how your masturbation habits can cause ED and how to move to mindful practice
  • Breath correctly to have a better hold on your erections…
  • Discover your “emotional superpowers” and channel them to get sturdy erections…
  • Safeguard your mind & body to prevent ED from getting worse over time…
  • Identify and eliminate the blocks that prevent you from getting and staying hard… plus tangible actions you can take for each potential cause…
  • Enhance your ability to fully experience sexual pleasure, enjoy sex more and how to be a better lover/ husband
  • Try communication techniques designed to improve bedroom experience…
  • Overcome fear, shame, and guilt through “mind-rewiring” techniques
  • The Protection Paradox” – How to prevent condom-related activities from taking you away from being “in the zone” and killing your erection…

No matter how complicated your erection problem is, you can overcome it.