Self Paced

Healing Vaginismus Program with Group Supervision

From Pain to Pleasure : Overcoming Vaginismus

Are you ready for more?

Would you like us to hold your hand through all the steps of healing?

Here is a deep dive into all things vaginismus:

This course will put all the theory you just learned into practice. It’s a LOT of video content. Each video will be full of information and also be available whenever you’re ready for a session.

It will get as close to an actual therapy session as possible in an online world.

Vaginal health

What you’ll get

  1. 3 full length session of pelvic mobility flow and stretches with me. 
  2. 2 full sessions of pelvic meditations with me – one for using dilators and one for sleep
  3. 1 full length video of postural correction – how to do it and how to maintain it in all positions like sitting, standing and walking.
  4. Belly massage for constipation and bathroom habits and postures for healthier pelvic floor (video demonstration)
  5. In depth Video content for using dilators (play it during your session to hear cues and follow along)
  6. Video content specially for setbacks and problems with dilator progress. Exercises for specific problems during progression with dilators 
  7. How to discuss sexual matters openly with your partner letting them know they are also valued
  8. Video to guide you with progression with involving your partner 
  9. Transition to pain-free sex with your partner
  10. Different positions of sex and exercises for them – specific exs for poses 
  11. Pain-free to PLEASURABLE sex! – exercises to IMPROVE pleasure and arousal
  12. 4 group supervision live classes

We will take you from
painful to painfree sex
and then keep going
until you get to Pleasure!

Why choose this program:

  1. Built by Pelvic physiotherapist and sexuality coach
  2. Self-paced – stop and start according to your schedule 
  3. Evidence based
  4. Our combined decades of experience 
  5. 6+ hours of video content + handouts + illustrations

Take the next step and reclaim pleasure in your life!