3 Month Self Paced

Healing Vaginismus Program with Group Supervision

From Pain to Pleasure : Overcoming Vaginismus

Are you suffering from painful intercourse

Vaginismus is the involuntary contraction of vaginal muscles making penetration difficult, pain, and impossible.

Does this feel like you?

You are avoiding getting intimate with your partner due to painful sex
You feel brick wall during penetration in your vagina
You feel your marriage is unconsummated because of painful sex
You are not ready for sex BECAUSE IT HURTS SO BAD every time you
tried to have sex in the past

Vaginal health

What you’ll get

I can guide you through a complete approach to treating vaginismus that looks at your whole body, pelvic floor muscles, breathing pattern and other factors, which can give you long-lasting relief and make you feel better overall. Every week you will get one sexual wellness video and one dedicated pelvic floor therapy video.

++ we have group supervisions every 2 weeks where you can dispel all your doubts and be a part of our whatsapp community of other women members going through the same journey.

Knowledge I will share with you

  1. Getting Over Fear of Sex and Painful Insertion
  2. Why Sex Hurts: Understanding Why It is Painful and How It Happens
  3. Pelvic Muscles and Pain: Learning About the Muscles Linked to Painful Sex
  4. What Causes Pain: How Posture, Mindset, and Muscles Affect Sexual Pain
  5. Pain at the Start: Common Reasons for Discomfort When You Begin
  6. Pain with Deep Sex: Why It Happens During Deeper Penetration
  7. After-Sex Pain: Figuring Out Why You Might Hurt After Intimacy
  8. Pain During Arousal: What Makes You Uncomfortable Before Sex
  9. When Things Get Better: How Long It Could Take to Improve with Professional Help

Start your journey from pain to pleasure

Here are the things I'll teach you to do and practice:

  1. The most comfortable sex positions to make sex less painful.
  2. The best lubes to use to reduce pain during sex.
  3. Techniques to relax your vagina using exercises for your tummy, hips, and pelvic area. Also, how to use your breathing to help.
  4. I’ll teach you how to use a dilators, pelvic wand and special techniques to ease tightness, burning, and sharp pain during sex.
  5. I’ll demonstrate using dilators and techniques to make entry and deeper motions less painful.

Take the next step and reclaim pleasure in your life!