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Our Mindful Masturbation Masterclass
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Discover a deeper connection to your body, unlocking pleasure, bliss, and
self-acceptance through the power of mindful, sensual, and intimate touch. 

Why do you need
Mindful Masturbation?

To embrace your erotic self, enjoy better orgasms, and channelize your sexual energy to become more confident and sexually empowered.
After 2 hours of this mindful self-pleasure journey, you can:

Who Will Benefit?


I’m Pallavi Barnwal

Sexuality and Intimacy Coach

In this 2-hour Masterclass, I’ll take you through a self-pleasure journey with in-depth techniques and hands-on education in self-touch and body mastery through mindful masturbation. 
I wish I had access to such a course in my adulting phase as a sexually awakened woman. 
Everything I learned is through my experience and conversation with thousands of clients as an Intimacy Coach, and now I’m giving away my learnings of 5 years in just 2 hours. 
Because you deserve sexual freedom and not to feel guilty for mindfully seeking pleasure. And we all deserve that. 
Join me and bring more pleasure and sensation to your sex life. 

We’ll help you increase your body and sexual confidence through a judgment-free, loving, and touching journey where you discover more about your orgasmic centers.

Curious about your sexual awakening?
Keep reading because you deserve to feel sexually empowered.

Do Solo Sex to Discover Your Eros

When you masturbate, your love hormone is released, which gives a sense of calm and well-being. 
And how great it is to have our calm in our hands.

Masturbation is no shame at all. It’s a cure!

Indeed, if you want mind-boggling sex with your partner, knowing your pleasure points and about them
will lead to great conversation and play while making love.

Many women aren’t aware of how better they can communicate their wants with their partner when they are aware of their sexuality.

And many men think that
Masturbation is just jerking off. 


It’s more than that.
It’s an intense love affair with YOURSELF! 

People who masturbate learn to relax and heal in the present moment without any performance anxiety and insecurities in mind. 

We take you on a guided journey to Self Pleasure.

How it Works

Mindful Masturbation is an online class for men, women, and couples where we take you through anatomical theory and teach practical techniques to maximize pleasure.

Never had sex before?

Never had the best orgasm?

Never had the most satisfying sex with your partner?

We are big fans of Masturbation because we know the power of solo sex and the abundance of sensation and pleasure that our body is capable of. 

So, we want to help you know the potential of your body and the amount of
sexual satisfaction that you haven’t experienced yet.

What We Have In Our Course?

Module 1:

Teach you sexual empowerment

We’ll transform your mindset and make you overcome your existing beliefs and societal taboos around sex, pleasure, and your body. 

Module 2:

Explore body positivity and self-love

After overcoming the stigma around Masturbation, you’ll discover the orgasmic points in your body.  You’ll get a closer look at the pleasure capacity of your body and learn about various erogenous zones for maximum pleasure. You won’t be shy anymore with your stretch marks, acne, and love handles because every part is beautiful and can be erotic.

Module 3:

Learn to unleash your fantasy and kink 

Here, we’ll teach you to identify and explore what turns your brain on.
Not just your body, you can be sensual with your mind and emotions as well. Especially for women, more than the physical touch or mental stimulus that arouses. 

Module 4:

Learn strategies and techniques to elevate
your solo sex rituals 

In the final module, we’ll take you through the deeper and practical aspects of Masturbation. We’ll teach you about various techniques, tools, and methods that can enhance your experiences. 

With mindful Masturbation, you don’t have to lie down to masturbate.

We’ll teach you different touches and movements and the use of sex toys to help you explore new pleasure areas. We choose active, interactive, supportive teaching while blending theoretical knowledge with demonstrations. 


For Women:

Understand the sensual desires of your body and enjoy a spectacular orgasm by yourself. I’ll share my lived experience as a single woman in India and the need to create a safe space for open dialogue and exploration.

For Men:

You will learn that self-pleasure is more than penetration and cumming, which can be highly orgasmic. You will learn to last longer in bed.

For Couples:

You will learn to communicate your desires and talk about preferences with confidence and no hesitation. Sex will be more fun when you are more aware and comfortable with your body.
Bring new ideas, fantasies, and techniques into the bedroom and make your sex life spicy.

How It Will Help You

Meet Your Coaches

Pallavi Barnwal 

Pallavi Barnwal is a globally acclaimed certified sexuality and intimacy coach. Pallavi has provided counseling to thousands of singles and couples to assist them in understanding, navigating, and resolving issues in their relationships. She takes a psycho-socio-biotherapeutic approach toward healthy sex and relationships.

Khushboo Bist 

Khushboo Bist is a certified instructor of sexuality and sex education. She created specialized sex-positive content and developed a community of over 2500000 people who are pleasure-positive and sexually secure. She is an enthusiastic researcher interested in sex and intimacy, and her life’s mission is to help others have healthy, fulfilling sexual relationships.

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