When it comes sex and pleasure do you feel lost? Are you unsure how to achieve the mysterious pleasure of an orgasm? Do you not understand how to fulfill your body’s necessity for touch?

Introducing my newest course, ‘Exploring Solo Sex’, which will take you on a guided journey of erotic self-exploration. This immersive experience invites you to surrender to the temptations of your desires, unveiling a kingdom of sensuality in a safe environment that is backed by science based anatomical theory as well as practical techniques to maximise pleasure. 

Module 1: Laying the foundation

In the first month of the course, we work on establishing a solid foundation to foster self pleasure. This means tackling your existing beliefs and societal taboos around sex, pleasure, and your body. 

We will explore the true meaning of sexual empowerment, what sensuality and pleasure means to you and your body, as well as how much a healthy sexuality can help your personal growth and well being.

During this phase we will tackle any negative preexisting ideas you have about sex, and set tangible goals towards which we can work together.

How has masturbation shame or stigma impacted you?

Module 2: Body acceptance and self-love

Now that you understand the importance of masturbation and pleasure, let us learn more about our bodies. 

In this module we will take a closer look at the pleasure capacity of our body. We will learn about human anatomy and the various erogenous zones that can be stimulated to maximise pleasure. 

We will go on a wonderful journey learning about each of our body parts, why they look like that, and what purpose they serve. Everything, your stretch marks, acne, chubby parts all serve a purpose in your life, and can help you achieve maximum sexual pleasure. 

Module 3: How to turn yourself on through fantasies

After learning to accept your physical, mental, and emotional right to pleasure, in this module we will identify and explore what exactly turns your brain on. As humans our sexuality is not just limited to our physical senses, but also our emotional and mental state. Very often, especially for women, more than the physical touch, it is the mental stimulus that arouses. 

This deeper understanding of your sexual psyche will not only help you identify new kinks, but will also help you recognise the mental blocks that have prevented you from optimizing sexual satisfaction. 

Module 4: Techniques and exploration

I will share my personal practices and well-researched strategies that will elevate your masturbation technique and routine into a solo sex ritual!

Armed with the right mindset that promotes self-celebration through self-pleasure, unafraid adoration for your own body, and the fantasies that are made just for you, in this module we can delve deeper into the practical aspects of masturbation. 

I will teach you about various techniques, tools and methods that can enhance your experiences. Activities such as mindfulness-based practices, exploring with different types of touch and movement (no you don’t just need to be lying down to masturbate), and incorporating toys, will all help you push the boundaries of pleasure. 

This course is designed specifically aimed to empower more people to optimise their sensuality and maximise their satisfaction during masturbation. I aim to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to cultivate a deeper connection between the mind and body that focuses on self discovery and expanding one’s understanding of pleasure.

The modules are designed to be interactive and supportive, blending my theoretical expertise and practical knowledge, along with my lived experience as a single woman in India to create a safe space for open dialogue and exploration. 

the truth is . . . you deserve pleasure.

Know your Instructor

Khushboo Bist is a certified instructor of sexuality and a student obtaining a master’s degree in psychology. She has two years of expertise producing specialized sex positive content and developing a community of over 2500000 people who are pleasure positive and sexually secure. She is an enthusiastic researcher who is interested in sex and intimacy, and her life’s mission is to help others have healthy, fulfilling sexual relationships.

I will guide you in deepening your sensual and sexual relationship to yourself.

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It was an amazing experience to attend Khushboo's masturclass as she famously states it. I was able to let go of many mind blocks and discovered a new relationship with my body.
Smriti K