Sex Games To Spice Things Up In the Bedroom

Pallavi Barnwal
Updated on March 3, 2022

A healthy, happy sex life requires many things: Communication, vulnerability, trust, and

honesty. But what if you already have this solid foundation of intimacy, and still want to take

things a step further? After all, that extra element of spice, excitement, and naughtiness

never hurt anyone! If that's what you're looking for, look no further! Here are a bunch of fun

sex games that will add that extra something to your sex life. And remember: before trying

out any of these games, discuss them with your partner(s) and make sure that you have

their full, enthusiastic consent.


1. Shuffling Desires

This is a great game for couples in the initial stages of their relationship. Get in bed with your

partner and write down your top 5 fantasies on slips of paper. Ask your partner to do the

same! Now, without revealing it to each other, fold up the slips, toss them into a bowl and

pick them out one by one. Each time your slip comes up, talk more about it. This is a

comfortable way to learn more about your partner's fantasies, and an opportunity to share

your own! By the end of it, you and your partner may even be tempted to try out one of the


2. Role Play


Do you often find yourself imagining sexual situations that involve authority figures or being

in authority? Maybe you are intrigued by the sexual tensions that come with power

dynamics. A nurse and doctor, a boss and employee, a policeman and rulebreaker… the

possibilities are endless! While having sex within a real-life power dynamic is not ideal, role-

play is a safe way to explore these fantasies with your partner! Order some costumes, get

into the role of your characters, and come up with fun plots that end with sexy twists.

3. Would You Rather?

You may have played 'would you rather' as a child. It is a game where you have to pick

between two imaginary situations and state what you would rather do. These imaginary

situations can range from extreme to bizarre. So, why not put a sexy spin on this old-

fashioned game? Present your partner with two sexual situations, and ask them which they

would rather do. For all you dirty talkers out there, this one is for you! Maybe whisper the

questions into your partner's ear, or punctuate it with some suggestive looks and touching.

It's bound to turn up the heat!

4. Truth or Dare?

Another sleepover favorite. But this time, it's adults only. Use the 'truths' to find out more

about your partner and their desires. And slowly start 'daring' them to kiss you, touch you, or

maybe to do something you haven't dared to ask for yet!

5. Strip Games

Strip poker is probably the best-known sexy game, and for good reason. Combining sex with

a beloved card game? What great fun! If you're creative enough, other games add to the

slow tease of stripping just as well. You could have a strip trivia night- each time you get an

answer wrong, you take off a piece of clothing! Or how about a stripboard game? Every

round you lose, you lose some clothes too! This is a great way to get competitive, add

playful energy to your sex life, and be naked in no time.

6. Sexy Treasure Hunt

Got a free Sunday? Feeling creative and sexy? Then this one may be for you! Get innovative

and arrange a mini 'sex treasure hunt' around your house. Leave notes in different parts of

the house and write a sexy request, thought, or memory in each of them, and end it with a

clue to find the next note. The last note leads to the final treasure- which is you! Allow the

notes to build up tension, so that when your partner finally 'finds' you, the two of you share

sexy times that are to be treasured!

7. Blindfolds and Something Sweet

Ice cream and sex? It doesn't get more decadent than that. Blindfold your partner and feed

them ice cream, and then take turns. This can be slow and sensual, maybe let the ice cream

drip down and lick it off. The blindfolded partner's sense of taste and touch will be enhanced

by the fact that they cannot see, making it all the more exciting! The ice cream may be

vanilla, but the sex sure doesn't have to be.


8. A Sexy Outdoor Tease

Put on your sexiest inner-wear beneath your regular clothes and go for a walk with your

partner! While this may seem counter-intuitive, having a sexy secret in public that only the

two of you know of can be incredibly exciting! The longer the walk, the more desperate you

will be to get back home and be seen in only that tempting inner-wear.

9. Bucket List

No one wants to grow old with regrets. That applies to your sex life too! Make a bucket list

with all those desires you haven't acted on yet. Maybe you could knock some off the list with

your partner if they are willing! Common sexual bucket list items include BDSM, tantra,

threesomes, or really anything that you want to try and haven't yet!

10. Never Have I Ever

Re-fashioning drinking games to spice up our sex lives has never been more fun! Play a

game of Never Have I Ever with all the sexual things that you haven't 'ever' tried. But maybe

instead of taking a shot, you could go ahead and finally try it out!

11. Find The Spot

Think of a spot on your body, and don't tell your partner! Your partner's job is to kiss every

part of your body until they find the spot you have in mind. Once they find the spot, think of a

new spot, and the game starts again. By the end of it, hopefully, you would've been kissed

all over!

12. Distance Breeds Affection

Lay on your bed (maybe naked!) while your partner stands at the doorway. Now, start asking

your partner questions- this could be general trivia, questions about you, or any question that

has right and wrong answers. With each correct answer, your partner takes one step closer.

And if they get a wrong answer? Oops! They take a step back. If you really want to tease

them, make the questions harder: they'll be aching to get close to you!

13. Mime Artists

Face each other and take turns to touch or kiss each other. The rule of the game is that

whatever you do, your partner has to mimic it! Build it up slowly, and turn up the heat!

14. Mirror, Mirror

Do you and your partner enjoy visual stimulation? Is the thought of seeing yourselves during

sex something that arouses you? Then find the biggest mirror in your house and get busy in

front of it! It can be especially exciting for both partners to face the mirror, with one partner

standing behind the other. Neck kisses, touching, and sex from behind, the possibilities are

endless! You may just fall in love with the sight of your bodies together.


15. And The Winner Is…?

Bring out your competitive side! Get undressed and get into a pillow fight, playful wrestling,

tickling competition, or even a friendly arm-wrestle. Whoever 'wins' gets to initiate sex! Being

naked and physically competing with each other would've already gotten your blood flowing

and endorphins rushing. And since it ends in sex, here's a game where everyone gets a

prize at the end!

16. Hide Me, Seek Me

A childhood favorite game, with an adult twist on it! Get into lingerie, or get naked and hide

somewhere in your house. Your partner has to 'seek' you out, and when they do, get ready

to play dirty!

17. Guessing Game

How well does your partner really know your body? Blindfold them, and guide their hand to a

part of your body. Now, ask them to guess which part of your body it is. This way, you get to

tease your partner and also have their hands all over your body. Doesn't get better than that!

18. Bring Out The Paints

Our bodies are truly canvases and this sex game is a testament to that. Get some skin-safe

markers and paints and draw, paint, or write affectionate (or sexy) messages on each other's

bodies. This is an artistic and creative way to let your partner know how much you

appreciate them.

19. And A Shot of Jealousy

While insecurity is not good for relationships, a little hint of jealousy could be fun. Describe a

sexual interaction with a past partner, get into vivid detail, and make your partner want you

even more. For couples in an open relationship, talking about current sexual interactions

with others could also spice things up.


20. Blindfold

Feeling risque? Bring a blindfold into the equation! Being blindfolded can heighten all your

other senses most deliciously. And for all those who are romantic-at-heart, being blindfolded

can also feel like a true exercise of trust and intimacy.

21. Handcuffs

For anyone who enjoys a dominant-submissive equation, being restrained or restraining your

partner can feel incredibly sexy. Handcuff your partner with their hands over their head (or

have this done to you). Since they can't move their hands or touch you, the set-up is perfect

for teasing and tempting!


22. Intimate Voyeurs

This game is a simple one, but don't underestimate it! Sit across from each other on the bed

and pleasure yourself. The rule is to resist touching each other until you simply can't handle

it anymore! Watching the other person moan and buck, all while doing the same yourself,

have a unique irresistibility to it.

23. Out in The Open

Outdoors sex is a fantasy for many people. While this may not be feasible, you could drive

around to a quiet, tucked-away spot outdoors to make out, talk dirty and touch each other.

The taboo, risky nature of getting sexual in public makes this really exciting for some. But be

careful and don't do anything you aren't comfortable with!

24. Let Me Feed You

Food and sex are a time-tested combination. Blindfold your partner and slowly feed them a

delicious snack. Chocolates work perfectly for this since you can also lick it off of each

other's fingers (or bodies!) as it starts to melt. Small fruits like strawberries and grapes can

also feel very sensual. Let them taste your fingers once you are done, and maybe even

other parts of your body!

25. TV & Chill

Log off from your favorite streaming site, and watch TV: commercial breaks don't have to be

annoying! Whenever an ad comes on, use that time to kiss, touch or tease your partner.

Build tension like this throughout the movie, so that by the time it is done, you won't be able

to keep your hands to yourself!

So these are our 25 sex games for couples to try! Sit down with your partner and see which

games excite both of you the most. Don't be afraid to get creative, get sexy, and allow these

fun games to spice up your sex life. Let us know in the comments which ones you liked best,

and share new ideas for sex games if you have any!




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