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Pallavi Barnwal

Pallavi Barnwal is India’s leading intimacy coach, TEDx speaker and a single mom. Her inspiration to work on sexuality came from her own personal struggles where she faced zero sex drive and body weight gain post becoming a mom. She became disinclined towards sex which led to her marriage’s ultimate breakdown. Pallavi took this personal crisis as an inspiration to work after seeing numerous other women go through sexual challenges but having no help. Today she has counseled over 1000+ individuals, have organised 50+ intimacy workshops and her videos have garnered 10 million + views

All Mothers face challenges:

There are many occasions in motherhood that have made me feel alone, isolated, sad, and unsure.  But I am opening my heart because all mothers have their unique struggles in the role of motherhood, and by sharing together we feel assured that we are not alone.  You may have a unique situation – one no one else is facing just like you… but to know that mothers all over face their own share of struggles make you feel connected.

Your unique motherhood challenge

Moms, there are moments in your life when no advice will seem to work for you, because you may feel lonely, anxious or too burnt out. You are constantly getting advice, but you don’t feel heard.
The typical narrative that a mom must always be a “happy mom” is untrue. There is a lot of  ‘invisible load’ that a mother goes through , and lets not forget the constant unsolicited advice that shatters a mothers confidence making them feel like ‘they are not good enough”. 
Motherhood is beyond breastfeeding, cleaning diapers and sleepless nights. There’s depression, an invisible mental load that most moms carry, intimacy issues, marital conflicts , parenting conflicts and much more. And we believe that only when you are prepared you know to handle these phases better.
As mothers today, we need to be raw and honest about our postpartum and motherhood experiences to help more moms know they are not alone, and to let them know it is okay to ask for help. 

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