So what’s the deal with virtual sex?

Pallavi Barnwal
Updated on March 30, 2022

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Is it any fun? Should you be doing it? Why, why not? 


DICLAIMER: Please be safe online, don’t engage in virtual sex unless you are 18+, and remember that consent is as important online as it is in person. Be safe and have fun!


Virtual sex or Cyber sex has been around for as long as cell-phones and the internet, erotica has existed for even longer- as a race, humanity is no stranger to expressing desire through forms other than physical sex. Now during the pandemic, with social distancing becoming the norm- maybe people are finding themseleves in a position where regular physical sex isn’t an option, so we have to get a little creative about it. Still, its not something we talk about as much, and there’s a lot to unpack, so let’s dive right in. 


What IS Cyber Sex?


Any sexual activity that takes place on, or via the internet is cyber sex. This can include watching pornography or reading erotica in order to masturbate, engaging in a sexy video call, sexting over an app or virtual chat room, or sharing sexually explicit pictures. 


These can and very often do lead to masturbating to the point of orgasm, but the scope is wider. Virtual sex can be just about the thrill of the act, or getting a little excited, or even foreplay for physical activity! 


Why would someone do it? 


There’s a lot of reasons you might want to try out cyber sex, including but not limited to:


  • Distance: If you’re far away from your partner, or even unable to venture out and have casual hookups. Cyber sex is a great option. Hit someone up with a sexy picture, or suggestive text and take it from there!
  • Comfort: If you’re interested in sex, but not ready to engage yourself physically, that’s okay! Cyber sex is a great way to play out your fantasies that you may not be ready to,m or even want to, experience physically!
  • To masturbate! There’s tons of online porn or erotica sites that can get you horny and excited, you don’t have to be actively engaging with another person to enjoy the virtual space. 
  • Anonymity: Sometimes you don’t want to reveal details about yourself, and that’s perfectly alright, you deserve to get off just as much as the next person. There’s tons of safe and anonymous online chatrooms to interact with people looking for meaningless fun. With these spaces though, it’s best to take extra precautions, do not reveal identifying information, or use a VPN to hide your location.Online can be a fun space, but it’s best to protect yourself!


Pros and Cons of getting it on(line)



Avoid the mess, no setup or cleanup necessary! 

Sometimes sexting can make you feel more distant from your partner. 

You can do it whenever, where ever! A little bit of thrill with you at all times.

Privacy can be an issue, keep away from nosy family members and housemates!

A great way to explore kinky fantasies by expressing them through text, but avoid physically going through them

On the flip side, can sometimes not do justice to the kinks you love in the bedroom

No risk of pregnancy OR contracting STIs!

Setup can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth. Bandwidth and signal is an issue you may have to face.

Completely avoids the emotional attachment or awkwardness of casual hookups

If you’re sexting with a romantic partner, you may feel the absence of cuddling or affection more strongly.

As long as you’re safe and comfortable, cyber-sex can be more than just an alternative for the physical act- it can be an exciting and pleasurable experience in itself! Make sure you figure out what works for you, and let explore your virtual desires a bit! Hope this brings you a few more orgasms and a lot more fun during this quarantine.




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