Love in Times of Emotional Repression

It was on my solo travel across Himachal two years ago that I learnt about Tinder. I ran into a young girl during the trip who asked me once, ‘How do you meet new people? Tinder?’ I was perplexed. I had no idea what the word meant. I have never been a very social-media friendly […]

Sex isn’t a Casual Sport

Ever had that feeling where you made a complete fool of yourself? We all know the answer to that. It has taken a great deal of introspection and a tumultuous inner journey for me to realize what I want and seek when it comes to relationships. After my last relationship, I had been afraid to […]

Love Bites – The Necklace Made by My Lover’s Teeth

“What’s on your neck?” asked my friend who was sitting next to me in my writing class. She was referring to the plush red mark engraved on the side of my neck. I smiled as she announced to the class, “She has a hickey!” I was named as the ‘hickey girl’ then. I didn’t mind […]