Incomplete is complete

The Wet Body

What started with simple and casual friendship over the phone, turned into an intense attraction and grew over us with time. A progressive and ambitious man fell for my ‘independence’ and dreams and I found myself happy in his simplicity and rawness. Well! Independence in the sense that I was single at 38, left my […]

I want to Host a Masturbation Party like Betty Dodson

screaming o-vibe massager from IMBesharam

Betty Dodson is a wild woman. She is wild in the sense of undomesticated; she lives outside many of society’s normative restrictions. Betty Dodson is a wolf in wilderness, howling at the moon, reminding us of our primal sexual nature. Her drawings and paintings depict women and men naked and sexual and inherently beautiful making […]

From Intercourse to Intracourse

To be able to connect with the body of the ‘other’, you have to first learn to connect to your own body. But are we? It’s easy to say of course yes. You will say, how is it possible that we are not connected to our body? We inhabit our bodies; breath in them; eat […]

When She Pleasured Her Body

Woman's Breasts

“I’m penning this from the experience of my friend, who found that her body talks to her. Yes, our bodies talk to, only when we listen to it. She listened to her body through her hands, exploring it with patience, she gave her body all that was pure pleasure. She owned her pleasure!” Today, I […]

Would We Flaunt if Our Genitals Looked Like This?

Penis Art

There have been umpteen euphemisms attached to our genital organs but the real names of our genitals never formed a part of routine conversations. They are down there, tucked somewhere deep within our panties and Rupa macro man briefs. But one could still feel them, touch them, or smell them. Yeah, I love the sour, […]

Do you Jerk off ? Of course I do

When I was 13 years old, I was in class 7th. I sat with a boy who was dirty in his mind. This is not what I thought about him but other kids told me so. They also warned me to be beware of him. One day, this dirty boy asked me whether I shake […]