Explore the blend of physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy. Experience pleasure as a
path to profound connection, awareness, and bliss

Tantra Workshop

New ways to experience your sensuality

Key Features

In this workshop you will explore and experience

The collective strength of presence, connection, and awareness that leads to your deepest, most authentic self

An invitation to decode the mysteries of Tantric love-making for more meaningful relationships with yourself and your partner

The keys to blissful pleasure and discover paths to ecstatic intimacy. Forge fulfilling, meaningful, and liberating relationships

A holistic fusion of the physical, emotional, and spiritual layers of intimacy. Your path to heavenly sex with awakened senses and ultimate satisfaction

A world that is beyond your biological urges where sex and intimacy is not merely an act but a journey into deeper connection, awareness and bliss.

Meet Our Instructor: Pallavi Barnwal

How will Tantric Practices help?

Trust me when I say this, there exists simple and profound ways to connect intimately, inherent within us, yet veiled in mystery for ages because it is obscure in nature and easily misunderstood.

You can not only tap into tantric energy during sensationally intimate moments but also in your everyday living. It doesn’t matter whether you are partners or simply individuals you share fleeting moments with. Here, we bid goodbye to judgments of every kind.

Tap into that potent and sacred transformative energy, residing deep within each of us to level up your intimacy game and foster spiritual ties

Facilitate sexual liberation by promoting deeper self-awareness, mutual understanding and conscious connection

Tell me...

Do you think that your feeling of ecstasy is completely dependent on an orgasm and this dependency is stopping you from experiencing holistic intimacy?

Do you want to embrace your own uninhibited sexuality in the bedroom and not just prioritize your partner’s pleasure?

Do you want the sexy sparks between you and your loved one to be alive irrespective of the length of your togetherness?

Do you want to embrace Tantra in each and every walk of your life and not limit it to sexual experiences alone?

Do you want to communicate with your loved one like a Ninja with clarity, confidence and purpose?

Do you want to understand the damage you unknowingly inflict upon your present relationship through unresolved conflicts, negative thoughts and past trauma? And why healing is crucial to welcome Tantra in your life wholeheartedly?

Do you want a wholesome, empowering and holistically fulfilling relationship?

If yes, then this course is for you...

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