The Art of Dirty Talk Workshop

The fuel to the fire of your arousal

This course will give you all the tools you need to conquer your fears and dirty talk like a pro, no matter what your upbringing or past experiences are!


Self Paced


Self Paced


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Guide on Dirty talk

About The Course

The Art Of Dirty Talk is the brain baby of India’s leading sexuality coach, Pallavi Barnwal.

Her work on Intimacy Coaching has been featured in leading national and international media – Vogue, Vice, GQ, Huffington Post, TOI, The Hindu, India Today, BBC and more.

She has helped countless couples overcome their sexual inhibitions and take up their sexiest avatar. Ms. Barnwal has crafted this course using the years of experience gained in the field, counselling thousands of couples, multiple certifications awarded to her, and her own life experiences. This course is one of Ms. Barnwal’s ventures to provide top-notch sexuality and intimacy literacy to anyone who seeks it.

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Know Your Trainer

Pallavi Barnwal

(Intimacy Coach)
Pallavi Barnwal is India’s leading intimacy coach. She is a certified practitioner in human behavioral analysis, trauma healer, and sexuality educator. She is a TEDx speaker and her work in intimacy education has been featured in global and national media such as Vice, Vogue, BBC, TOI, Huffington Post and more. She has clocked more than thousand hours of coaching, helping hundreds of couples save and transform their relationships.

Unlock Bonuses worth ₹20,496

Who is this workshop for?

What will you learn in the workshop?

Talking dirty is great life in so many ways. It helps you :

Unlock Bonuses worth ₹20,496

Unlock Bonuses Worth Rs 20,496 with the workshop


Coaching Consultation Client

It was a great experience of life and went by like a breeze…full of fun, love and laughter..along with new realizations and strengths. Thank you team for making this possible.


Coaching Consultation Client

The workshop was a sheer ecstatic experience. Right from the moment one entered the venue, there was a feeling of comfort and friendliness. The location of the venue, the vegetarian food and the peacefulness allowed me to cut off from the outside world immediately. The flow of the sessions, the intensity of energy and the love in the air made it possible for me to go deeper into meditative states with much more ease and comfort. The people participating felt like old family members, and there was a bonding beyond the ordinary.


Coaching Consultation Client
The tremendous openness and courage brought in by the team encouraged us to be more in the flow and overcome our fears, it allowed us to look at deep hurts and traumas at core levels which otherwise is difficult to access…The space created and held by the team felt like a surreal setting outside the ordinary, where one had the opportunity to expand and enhance more.



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Unlock Bonuses worth ₹20,496

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