Come join me on this guided journey of self-discovery and sexual empowerment. Become fully in touch with your sexuality and use this powerful, positive energy to create an extraordinary life for yourself and those you love.

Living an orgasmic life

Orgasm is a bliss that we experience for few moments at the time of sex with a partner and it dissipates then. How about creating that orgasmic bliss into the whole of your life?

If you are longing to discover deeper pleasure in your life so that not just your sex life but your entire life feels more juicy and turned on, this is your moment…

Pleasure within is pleasure outside

You are a sum total of all your experiences in life, including the not so good experiences : life stressors, social taboos, and being stuck in a STRUCTURE that doesn’t fit you although is necessary for your emotional, social, and physical survival! However life, sex and intimacy are all intertwined and no different from each other.

Consider this, how you do sex is how you do life.

But our messed up, sexually dysfunctional, judgmental, ignorant, puritanical Indian culture has distorted how people ‘see’ sex. Sexual liberation is seen as ‘body count’ how many partners you have slept with or how many sex positions you can do on bed. Sex is dissociated from the spirit or ‘atman’ and this has led to a host of problems.

Does this sound like you?…

Hear me out…

You don’t have to be at the mercy of fate or a savior to create a life you want

The magic is right here!

It’s Time for Spiritual and Erotic Awakening

mind and body are one unit and thus if one channel is blocked, the person will experience ‘stuckness’ in life. So how do we open the channel to experience ecstatic joy and emotional, physical, and spiritual healing? it is through unabashed acceptance of our authenticity and our sensuality.

In this retreat, we will do sensual awakening, orgasmic breathing, and sexual energy building movements to clear the chakra blockages and balance our chakras. As your chakras open up and begin to spin optimally, you’ll not only see how much more mind-blowing sex can be but how much more exciting and fulfilling life becomes.

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Let me tell you:

You can have the life you desire, your conscious sexuality and awakened spirituality is the gateway to your highest potential, you can be loved and honoured for who you are, you can be filled with joy and ecstasy and your radiance is exactly the medicine that the world needs right now. And I would love to show you HOW….

I offer you tools for expansion, freedom and authenticity.

Sample Schedule of Retreat

What are you going to learn?

So, let me ask you:

Zorba The Buddha

In my brand new Tantra Sensual Education Retreat in Goa, I will be sharing authentic eastern wisdom as well as practical embodied tools to expand your capacity for bliss. These are tried and tested methods have been collected from great masters and teachers around the world.

You will access your fullest pleasure potential through conscious sexuality, radical authenticity, embodiment, and profound intimacy.

Client Testimonials

Meet your Coach

Pallavi Barnwal- Intimacy Coach

I am a TEDx speaker, Instagram influencer in sexual wellness and I have counselled thousands of women and couples to help them create extraordinary intimacy in their relationship. I am featured in Vice, Vogue, BBC, The Hindu, TOI, Indian Express, and many national media.

Khushboo Bisht

Khushboo Bisht is a certified sexuality coach and sex ed enthusiast. She specialises in men's sexual wellness and coaches men to have better sexual function and become better lovers inside and out of the bedroom. She holds a sex ed certification from Modern Sex Therapy Institute US.

Experience lifelong pleasure with take home bonus guides

Bonus 1

Get insights, practices, and professional guidance in reaching and exceeding your own pleasure potential.

Bonus 2

Womb meditation to clear your body from stress, and  trauma, so you can connect with your sexual energy.

Bonus 3

Get the art of sexual confidence guide to be effortlessly comfortable with all things around sex and sexual partner.

Bonus 4

Somatic exercises to help you come home to your body, and finally feel great in your own skin. Helps men last longer and women overcome vaginal shame.

Bonus 5

The Sacred Art of yoni and lingam Worship. Get ready to worship every part of your lover to create deeper intimacy, trust, and ecstasy. You’ll love your body and their body so much more.

Bonus 6

Tons of hands-on, sensory resources to release limiting beliefs, pleasure blocks, and create a deeper level of intimate relationship.

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