How Mindfulness and Meditation Can Help You Achieve Deeper Intimacy

Mindfulness and meditation are usually thought of as solo activities, but what if we told you that there are techniques based on mindfulness and of meditation that you can do with your partner, which can even deepen emotional and sexual intimacy? Think of the benefits of mindfulness: feelings of peace, awareness and relaxation. Now think […]

Dispelling the Myth of Loose Vaginas

It sounds like a nightmare: you’re having great sex and then your partner says the dreaded words: ‘Umm… your vagina is kind of loose?’. If this has happened to you, here are two things to remember: one, this is a completely inaccurate statement. Two, you are not alone. As one of our readers who wrote […]

Living Apart Together: What Is It & Can It Work For You?

There comes a point in every live-in relationship or marriage, where you love each other, but the logistics of living together just gets HARD. Maybe one of you needs more alone time, or both of you have significantly different sleep timings and lifestyles… or you just hate having someone roll around on the bed next […]

A Bedroom Makeover: For Your Sex Life!

Is your bedroom a part of your house that makes you want to be intimate with your partner? Or does it bring you down and make you feel tired and exhausted: a place you would rather ignore?  Think of a cluttered, messy room with a suspicious odour and harsh lighting. Would you want in here? […]