Do’s and Don’ts: Online Sex Toy Shopping

Pallavi Barnwal
Updated on April 21, 2024
Do’s and Don’ts: Online Sex Toy Shopping

So, you’re looking to buy sex toys in India and you’re low-key feeling like a toddler in a candy shop. Don’t worry, it’s totally normal. The colors, the options, and the cravings it’s going to fulfill are worth exploring and making a big deal about. But just like any shopping guide, buying toys online can come with its own set of Do’s and Don’ts. Especially if you’re one to want a safe, satisfying, and discreet experience.

The DO’s

  1. DO Research: You won’t walk into a store and NOT try on jeans to make sure your booty looks good in them right? So just like that you need to get to know your toys. While, trying on a toy and returning them won’t be a possibility, Learning about the toys in front of you is a good way to start. There are different types of toys to satisfy different needs and they also come in different materials to make sure you really feel what you need to feel. And since you’re doing your research dive into the functions and reviews to really understand the outcomes.
  2. DO Explore your options: There are many types of toys out there, you’ve got the dildo, vibrators, anal beads, remote controlled sex toys. They’ve got various levels of satisfaction and many can be used at the same time- it’s a party for one! When buying sex toys, pay attention to the product details like size, materials, features, and even lube compatibility. Some toys can be so discreet they won’t even look like sex toys, you could simply just showcase them in the living room and no one would know. Once you know what you’re looking for, it makes the online shopping experience so much easier. You don’t want to be adding a cock ring into your cart without having a cock to ring, now do you?
  3. DO Clean your adult toys: This may seem like a random step for sex toy shopping but you need to know this so you make your purchases right. Cleaning your adult toys is sooooo important. For two reasons: Hygiene and most importantly, this is the time you reflect on all the fun things you did with that toy to have you in this position in the first place. Way better than washing dishes in my opinion. Every toy has its own cleaning method. Dildos need to be thoroughly cleaned after use with a mild soap while vibrators need the same treatment they might be battery-operated so, always check the manufacturer’s instructions. Now that post-cleaning clarity is achieved, store your toys in a dry and cool space unless it’s a glass dildo, which is something you could store in the fridge occasionally for some temperature play.
  4. DO have fun with your toys: When you finally make your purchase, it’s time for the excitement to roll in. Wait by the door for 4-5 business days and always answer the door before your mom. This way you will grab your toy before she does and you’ve finally left your room so your family is fully aware of your existence. Just like how you take care of yourself, practice aftercare with the toys you’ve purchased by cleaning, drying, orgasming. Sex toys are meant to elevate your sexual experiences and are in no way going to replace the real deal but they will really deal with the excitement you are looking for.

The Don’ts

  1. DON’T Buy fake or shady products: You’re going to find hundreds of spaces telling you they are the best but don’t trust them, you did that once, and now you have an Ex who won’t stop calling you. Speaking of fakes, when you buy sex toys from unauthorized sellers or purchase suspiciously cheap products you will encounter heartbreak and maybe even worse. And babe, that’s just not good for you. Terrible quality products can open doors to health risks so avoid anything that just feels wrong.
  2. DON’T Ignore product specifications: When buying a butt plug, for example, look into things like size, dimensions, and cleaning instructions. Some toys even require power so you should check if you’ve got everything you need to charge it or power it up. If you’re a first-time buyer, start small and gradually work your way to bigger and different sex toys. This gives you ample time to figure things out while having exciting orgasms.
  3. DON’T buy toys to share: When buying sex toys, make sure you buy them in a selfish manner. Sex toys aren’t meant to be shared and to be honest, it’s not something you split the bill for. Buy toys for yourself and more for another (if you want). Most importantly, buy toys that will make you happy and elevate your sexual experience. When buying sex toys online, you have the permission to think about your solo rides and get the love you deserve.
  4. DON’T make impulsive purchases: When buying toys, pick toys that make you excited and not those that look exciting. If you add too many things, you will feel overwhelmed but if you add the right amount of things you will feel all kinds of perfect. The perfect order is: your choice of sex toys for women + lube + an additional treat. This is the ultimate girl math.

Shopping for sex toys online is a therapeutic experience. You’ll learn so much about your wants and needs that you’ll come out of the whole thing so happy and satisfied. All this even before the toy is delivered discreetly at your doorstep. Imagine the satisfaction after you achieve that post-toy clarity!




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