All About Abortions in India

Most sexually active people can agree that sex is fun, and makes life and love better. But unfortunately, the good things in life do come with some risks. And in the case of sexual intercourse, an unwanted pregnancy is one of the biggest risks. There are lots of myths and misconceptions in India about abortion. […]

Masculinity and Body Image

The term ‘body image’ refers to how you perceive your own body. Poor body image happens when we find flaws in our appearance due to social pressure, and start to feel insecure. Some symptoms of poor body image include- frequently comparing your body to that of others, feeling ashamed of your body, finding it difficult […]

Human Touch

When I was told to write an article about human touch, I just couldn’t say no. I just grab the opportunity. I have so much to say, to express. My partner lives in a different city. Both of us love to touch and be touched. We believe it is another form of expression, another form […]

A limited introduction to the world of Fetishes, and what you may misunderstand.

There’s something about the word itself that makes us recoil- fetish. In our society, it’s difficult as is to talk about sex openly. If at all we must discuss our proclivities, they have to fall in line with the mainstream narrative of sex, which is to say, a heterosexual, penetrative, and otherwise unremarkable type of […]

How to stop having mediocre sex by saying what you want.

Before my boyfriend, my experience of sex was limited. I had hooked up with a fair few guys, and only slightly fewer girls- I’d even let one of my flings-of-the-day go “all the way”. But something was always missing, I was caught between being horny all the time- wanting to get out there and have […]

So what’s the deal with virtual sex?

Is it any fun? Should you be doing it? Why, why not?    DICLAIMER: Please be safe online, don’t engage in virtual sex unless you are 18+, and remember that consent is as important online as it is in person. Be safe and have fun!   Virtual sex or Cyber sex has been around for […]

Why don’t we afford Indian mothers sexuality?

Women in India are expected to be wives and mothers, but do they ever really get the chance to express their womanhood beyond that? I  remember back in fifth grade classrooms my girlfriends and I would traipse in, and every week we would whisper among ourselves about the latest development in our lives. One of […]

Let’s Talk About Sex

So, pornography. Yeah, bet you stopped and re-read that for a second. It’s one of those elephants in every online room, lurking around at least one late-night household screen, and of course the little flashes before every illegal streaming of Suits. Yet, even though I’m willing to bet no one reading this line hasn’t actually […]

Sex Games To Spice Things Up In the Bedroom

A healthy, happy sex life requires many things: Communication, vulnerability, trust, and honesty. But what if you already have this solid foundation of intimacy, and still want to take things a step further? After all, that extra element of spice, excitement, and naughtiness never hurt anyone! If that's what you're looking for, look no further! […]

Your Go-To Guide On Ethical Porn

Being a 21st-century citizen, chances are that you have already stumbled upon porn ofsome sort. The ability to easily access pornographic videos and images has probablychanged how an entire generation relates to sex. It is usually free, fun, and caters to everyimaginable fantasy and kink under the sun.So why all this talk about ethical porn?What’s […]