Toxic Relationship Transformation




This course will help create the groundwork for you to start attracting the balanced and fulfilling love you crave! and deserve!
7 science-based insight, powerful modules and deep group work, including:

  1. Weekly recorded classes that cover fundamental reasons of and recovery from love addiction and toxic relationships journey.
  2. Monthly confidential, intensive group coaching sessions facilitated by Pallavi where we dive deep into what’s holding you back.
  3.  Powerful assignments that will help you chart new neural pathways and adopt healthy behaviors and beliefs.
  4.  Access to our private social media group, where you can share your progress and get to hear other group member’s journey of recovery from toxic relationships.
  5.  A connection with an intimate group of people who are going through the same journey as you.
  6.  Access to the course materials (video, pdf, and exercises) for one full year.
Module 1 – Are You Really A Relationship Addict?
Module 2 – Stop Picking the Unavailable & Unattainable?
Module 3 – The Link Between Childhood Trauma & Abandonment Fears
Module 4 – Stop Settling for Less
Module 5 – Recognize Toxic Relationships
Module 6 – Breaking Through Toxic Relationships
Module 7 – Hello, Healthy and Authentic Relationships


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