Discover the Power of Physical Intimacy and Touch in Relationships

“Is sex the only form of physical intimacy? Can simple, physical touch ever be enough? I’m 31 and new to physical intimacy and need some tips from you.” I received this query from a female follower of mine sometime back. A lot of people want to spice up their physical intimacy but don’t know how […]

Listening to Mr. Libido

In the previous blog post, I introduced you to the real Mr. Libido! We busted the most commonly held misconception of equating #low libido to a broken sex drive or worse a broken self. We also saw that Mr. Libido is not a physical drive, but a sexual expression, and is uniquely fluid by nature.  […]

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

When you have trouble getting or maintaining an erection, you may have erectile dysfunction (ED). It can occur during solo sex (masturbating) or when you’re having sex with a partner.  Many people think that ED only affects elderly men. This is an annoying myth because it means that if you’re a teenager or in your […]

Demystifying Mr. Libido

Demystifying Mr. Libido

You have #low libido if you do not have sex a ridiculous number of times with your partner,You have a high libido if you dare to speak of sex as your go-to stressbuster!You can go through life with a ‘mismatched’ libido without knowing the real answer,So today, let’s get to know Mr. Libido and if […]

Is Erectile Dysfunction Rooted in the Body or the Mind?

Is Erectile Dysfunction Rooted in the Body or the Mind

90% of erection issues are psychological and are much more prevalent, with one-third of men suffering from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. It is a myth that erection issues happen only to older adults in their 50s and 60s. Even young men in their 20s and 30s have erectile dysfunction and will tell you why.

All About Abortions in India

Most sexually active people can agree that sex is fun, and makes life and love better. But unfortunately, the good things in life do come with some risks. And in the case of sexual intercourse, an unwanted pregnancy is one of the biggest risks. There are lots of myths and misconceptions in India about abortion. […]

Femininity and Body Image

Sriya was 16 when she had her first boyfriend. She met him at a boarding school in Mysore, in the 11th grade. Relationships were not allowed in their school, but they managed to meet secretly. “At first everything was fine, he was sweet to me. But slowly he started doing things to make me feel […]

What We Teach Boys About Love & Sex

Kiran (name changed) grew up with a lot of curiosity about love, relationships and sex. “I experienced attraction very young, maybe third or fourth grade. It was often very strong, and I wanted to understand what I was feeling.” The only time he caught a glimpse of these things was in Bollywood movies. But living […]

A limited introduction to the world of Fetishes, and what you may misunderstand.

There’s something about the word itself that makes us recoil- fetish. In our society, it’s difficult as is to talk about sex openly. If at all we must discuss our proclivities, they have to fall in line with the mainstream narrative of sex, which is to say, a heterosexual, penetrative, and otherwise unremarkable type of […]