Are You Flirting, or Just Being Inappropriate? A Quick Guide!

It’s the 21st century, and most of us like some romantic and sexual freedom. This includes flirting! Most of us want to be able to talk openly to people we find attractive, and enjoy the fun of flirting and romance. Many of us are tired of a repressed culture that discourages romance and prevents men […]

A Healthy & Unhealthy Relationship- What is The Difference?

Instead of jumping into a marriage, a lot of people now choose to be in a relationship for a while before making any life decisions. But it is still  hard to talk openly about relationships. Most of us get our knowledge about love and relationships from books, movies or TV shows. Very often, these depictions […]

All About Abortions in India

Most sexually active people can agree that sex is fun, and makes life and love better. But unfortunately, the good things in life do come with some risks. And in the case of sexual intercourse, an unwanted pregnancy is one of the biggest risks. There are lots of myths and misconceptions in India about abortion. […]

Take a 90 Day Probation Period to Date

My friend Ann recently shared in a closed group that she has grown selective aboutletting a man access her body. Ann was not always like that, free-spirited and wildare some of the adjectives that suit her perfectly. At point in her life she had multiplesexual partners and confided to me that she would jump from […]

So You Want To Take Texting to The Next Level?

Anisha (name changed) lives in Nagpur, while her boyfriend has been living in Mumbai for the last few years. Apart from occasional visits, the two rarely get to see or touch each other in person. ‘It is difficult, we’ve been doing long-distance for four years. Sometimes I miss him a lot, I miss even simple […]

What We Teach Boys About Love & Sex

Kiran (name changed) grew up with a lot of curiosity about love, relationships and sex. “I experienced attraction very young, maybe third or fourth grade. It was often very strong, and I wanted to understand what I was feeling.” The only time he caught a glimpse of these things was in Bollywood movies. But living […]

A limited introduction to the world of Fetishes, and what you may misunderstand.

There’s something about the word itself that makes us recoil- fetish. In our society, it’s difficult as is to talk about sex openly. If at all we must discuss our proclivities, they have to fall in line with the mainstream narrative of sex, which is to say, a heterosexual, penetrative, and otherwise unremarkable type of […]

What is emotional cheating, and how do I know it’s happening to me?

When I was cheated on the first time, it was easy. Don’t get me wrong, I was devastated, furious, betrayed- maybe it helped somewhat that this wasn’t the most the serious relationship I’d ever been in, or would ever be in- but I got over it because I knew who to blame.  Of course, our […]

So what’s the deal with virtual sex?

Is it any fun? Should you be doing it? Why, why not?    DICLAIMER: Please be safe online, don’t engage in virtual sex unless you are 18+, and remember that consent is as important online as it is in person. Be safe and have fun!   Virtual sex or Cyber sex has been around for […]

Complaint is a longing for connection

A client of mine once shared his marriage travails with me: When I change the TV Serial channel to some other channel, my wife fights with me. Having complaints about each other in a relationship is normal. The problem arises when you have the same complaint over and over again for your partner. A lingering […]